April 19, 2018

Most content circa 2010 or so ....

My Linux notes

This is my collection of information pertaining to the Linux operating system. This started many years ago, and there is some truly ancient stuff. Most of the really old stuff is sequestered at the end of this page.

Most of my current and truly useful stuff is under my Fedora links now.

I run Fedora, mostly because I was doing Red Hat since before there was Fedora. I don't see any compelling reason to change. Ubuntu does to be more popular these days. One fellow in the know says that neither is really "better", they are just different each in their own way.

A lot of linux know-how is the same regardless of distribution. But you ought to be aware that my experience is almost entirely with Fedora systems.

Fedora general information

The Fedora Forums now seem to be much more useful than the Red Hat support pages Some general links:

The following will yield a wealth of information:

And here is the rest of the story:

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