MMTO mount control protocol.

Tom Trebisky

Table of Contents
An introduction to the commands
Future changes to the protocol.
Command groups
Status commands
telstat -- obtain telescope status
telpos -- obtain telescope position
catpos -- obtain current catalog coordinates
times -- obtain time information
compos -- obtain commanded servo positions
alt_servo -- obtain elevation servo information
az_servo -- obtain azimuth servo information
rot_servo -- obtain rotator servo information
Motion commands
setrotlimn -- set CCW rotator limit
setrotlimp -- set CW rotator limit
star -- slew to new star position
slew -- move telescope
slewrot -- move rotator
cancel -- stop telescope motion
tracking -- start or stop sidereal tracking
trackingalt -- start/stop elevation axis tracking
trackingaz -- start/stop azimuth axis tracking
trackingrot -- start/stop rotator axis tracking
drives -- start or stop telescope drives
altdrive -- stop or start elevation drive
azdrive -- stop or start azimuth drive
rotdrive -- stop or start rotator drive
setrotoffi -- set instrument offset for rotator
setrotoffs -- set position angle for rotator
vmaxalt -- set elevation axis velocity limit
vmaxaz -- set azimuth axis velocity limit
vmaxrot -- set rotator axis velocity limit
Offset commands
coord_coor -- get overall offset values
Maintenance commands
panic -- check mount status
echo -- check communication
version -- show software version
info -- list running tasks
stack -- show stack status of running tasks
mem -- show memory usage of running tasks
time -- obtain boot time and current time
Miscellaneous commands
set_fdc -- set starting position for pointing run
get_fdc -- get starting position for pointing run
go_fdc -- go to first (or next) star in pointing run
new_fdc -- set starting coords for pointing run
save_fdc -- save record of pointing data
pointing -- get record of pointing data
calrot -- calibrate rotator
rotzero -- zero the rotator
setrotdir -- set rotator direction
coord_corr -- debug coordinate conversion
Concrete Example of use of the protocol: