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July 11, 2013

Coffee basics

Old Bisbee Coffee Roasters

Just around the corner (in Bisbee, Arizona), a source of very good coffee! I am told he refers to starbucks as "charbucks", so he clearly has pretty much the same view about optimum roasting as I do.

I have been buying coffee from Seth for several years now and have always been entirely satisfied. I place an order on the website, and the coffee is in my mailbox the next day (2 pounds in a USPS express mailer). I joined his coffee club, and he sends me 2 pounds every month. One of the best benefits of this is that he picks the coffees and I end up trying all kinds of things that I might not choose myself.

Hawaiian Coffee

Here are some places to order hawaiian coffee (that I have never used). We visited Bay View Farms many years ago while on the Big Island. It was great to see coffee trees happily growing and making coffee cherries!

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