August 5, 2021

The wonderful world of Coffee

For many many years I have purchased single origin roasted coffee from various small indepdendent shops, first one in Tucson, then from "Old Bisbee Roasters" in Bisbee. I still recommend Old Bisbee Roasters for those who don't want to roast their own, though they are not as good as they used to be. I have never been satisfied with Starbucks, though some of their selections will do in a pinch. Mostly I am just annoyed that they roast their coffee too dark.

Recently I learned to roast my own coffee at home. This both gives me fresher roasted beans, and access to a much more diverse range of coffees. It does take some time however to master the skill.

If you came here wanting to know where to buy coffee in the Tucson area, I offer this:

Coffee around the world

The King's new clothes

I read descriptions like:
Sweet chocolate flavors, citrus complexity, and floral characteristics with fruit throughout the middle.
What are these people talking about? What are they smoking? This is coffee, not a box of truffles. If my coffee did taste like this I would get rid of it and go find some real coffee.

Coffee Roasting

I am using a Fresh Roast SR800 hot air bed roaster, starting in August of 2021.

Coffee basics

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