May 12, 2017

Coffee - The hard facts

I mentioned "giving up coffee" in the context of healthy diet to a friend who is an MD, he says:
Nobody who knows the literature will ask you to give up coffee. Cognitive function improves with lifetime coffee consumption and coffee up to 3-4 cups daily decreases your risk of heart attack, stroke and cardiovascular death (but intake over 5 cups seems to increase risk).
He goes on to say:
Two cups of coffee daily reduces mortality rate by 50% in chronic liver disease as well. And not just a caffeine effect, though coffee is more beneficial than decaf; antioxidant effects and increased sensitivity to circulating insulin to reduce blood sugar are partially responsible. The poster child for the benefits of coffee consumption was Voltaire, who died in 1778 at age 83 after consuming 50-72 cups of coffee daily!
But I don't drink coffee for health reasons, I drink coffee because I enjoy it.

Coffee basics

Old Bisbee Coffee Roasters

Just around the corner (in Bisbee, Arizona), a source of very good coffee! I am told he refers to Starbucks as "charbucks". If so, he clearly has pretty much the same view about optimum roasting as I do.

I have been buying coffee from Seth for several years now and have always been entirely satisfied. I place an order on the website, and the coffee is in my mailbox the next day (2 pounds in a USPS express mailer). I joined his coffee club, and he sends me 2 pounds every month. One of the best benefits of this is that he picks the coffees and I end up trying all kinds of things that I might not choose myself.

Hawaiian Coffee

Here are some places to order hawaiian coffee (that I have never used). We visited Bay View Farms many years ago while on the Big Island. It was great to see coffee trees happily growing and making coffee cherries!

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