December 19, 2017

Locks, Lockpicking, and Locksport

Locks are fascinating mechanical devices. It is interesting to learn and understand how they work. It is even more interesting (and fun) to develop the skills to work on them.


This is a word coined to describe the activity of lock picking as a hobby with care taken to avoid illegal activities.

The central rule is that you never pick locks that you don't own, or that you don't have permission from the owner to pick.

Locksmithing tools

Depending on where you live, it may or may not be legal to purchase (or even possess) locksmithing supplies and equipment. In Arizona, the last time I checked, there were (thankfully) no such restrictions. Lots of things are available on the internet. Here are some sources:

It does not look like LAB sells direct, but they list an outlet in Tucson:

IDN West, which in Tucson is at 4500 East Speedway, Suite 62, 520-322-5625.

Rekeying locks

Here is a copy of the Schlage Lock rekeying manual To rekey (in my case) Schlage locks, you need a supply of "bottom pins". The best deal I found (and ordered using paypal) was a set with 50 of each size (there are 10 sizes, 0-9) for $14.99 from Ebuilder pin kit.
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