November 11, 2016

Intel Galileo - Gen 2

The Intel Galileo is a small x86 based single board computer. The processor is a 400 Mhz 32 bit x86. It is contained within a "Quark X1000" SoC from Intel.

This is Intels bid to participate in the maker scene. I have been warned that documentation and support is sketchy, but we are going to give it a whirl. Price used to be slightly annoying at $80 or so, but when the board started being offered by Mouser for $45 I was willing to spend money for something I fully expect to be inferior to 1000 Mhz ARM boards for the same price (notably the BBB).

My board is a Gen 2 unit.

The availability of the 934 page datasheet for the X1000 chip is encouraging. The availability of the schematic is also a real plus. The lack of a user guide for the Gen 2 is unfortunate.

My notes

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