November 28, 2016

Intel Galileo - Gen 2 - Analog Inputs

There are 6 analog inputs provided on the Galileo. On the Gen 2, these are handled by a Texas Instruments ADC108S102 analog to digital converter chip. The part on my board is labelled: "43CLDRU 108S102" and has a National Semiconductor logo (TI now owns National). This is a change from the original Gen 1 Galileo, which had an analog devices AD7298 chip. The claim is made that the new chip can run 4 times faster, but both chips are specified to yield 1M samples/second, so I am not sure about that assertion. Resolution however is definitely sacrificed, the TI chip is a 10 bit converter whereas the old AD chip was 12 bit. Do you want speed or accuracy? Provided that the faster claim is true, it looks like you get speed. Or maybe you just get a cheaper and less capable chip.

This is a 10 bit ADC capable of 500kS/s to 1MS/s conversions.

This is an SPI device, and it is connected to the SPI-0 bus on the Quark.
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