March 11, 2018

Tucson Tom's Auto repair Pages

I am back to working on my own cars again.

Places to get parts

I have used both Parts Geek and Rock Auto. The Parts Geek name is cute, but I prefer Rock Auto. As an example, when ordering oxygen sensors for my sons Honda Prelude, the Parts Geek site was confusing, and I ended up needlessly ordering a universal sensor. The Rock Auto website made it clear that the upstream and downstream sensor were identical (whereas the geek told me I was ordering two upstream sensors after I had clicked on separate links to order an upstream and a downstream.)

A tip I have been given also is to check Amazon if you have a part number and many times you can find an even better price.

I still use Autozone or O'Reillys for some things, such as when a heavy core needs to be returned.

My vehicles

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