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What follows is my own collection of parrot related links. Don't view this as a blanket endorsement, these are simply places I have enjoyed and wanted to be able to revisit.

If you are curious about the pair of Military Macaws on the right, go read the amazing story of Rosie the Blind Macaw which I also have copy of here, in case the above link evaporates.

It has been said many times that poor diet is one of the biggest health concerns for captive parrots. Here is a simple guideline: if you are feeding some kind of seed mix, you need to make drastic changes immediately.
A great resource on the internet is the yahoo group Feeding Feathers
Once you join the group, take a look at their files and guides online.

One of the best information resources on things pertaining to parrots is the magazine: The Companion Parrot Quarterly (previously the Pet Bird Report). This is edited by Sally Blanchard who has been working with (and writing about) Parrots for a long time.
Let me just say this: I had a subscription to "Bird Talk" for a year or two after I got my first parrot, and with the exception of an article or two, I wouldn't hesitate to toss all those magazines. Now that I have discovered the Companion Parrot Quarterly, I have ordered two sets of back issues and you would be hard pressed to get me to part with any of them.

If you are in the Tucson area (as I am), support the Tucson Avian Rescue Association: TARA. They offer a class in bird and parrot care, find homes for unwanted birds and can even help you to rescue and adopt a bird!

There used to be a site online that called itself the Hagen Avicultural Research Institute. It had some interesting papers on avian nutrition, I found the following essay by Mark Hagen on Avian Nutrition there, long ago.

Jack Taylor seems like a nice guy and has a site that talks about

  • building an aviary.

    Busy beaks offers a nice line of bird toys and other interesting and worthwhile products: Busy beaks.

    A lot to read, and bird food products to buy. Whitewings Farm.

    Roses pet Emporium offers nuts, food, toys, supplies, books, and comes with glowing recommendations. In Santa Barbara, California.

    Here is the sort of "bird store" everyone should wish they had access to. This is a shop in Minnesota with a great web site, in particular spend some time with their education articles: Parrot Island

    Here is a site with things for sale, and one of the biggest collections of links I have ever seen, click on "Map" and then on "Friendly links": Windy City Parrot

    I have never done any business with them, but these breeders (in Southern California) have a beautiful web page with lots of information and a good attitude: Aves International

    A highly regarded online bird site: Up at Six

    The pet bird FAQ: Rec Pets Birds

    And this link has lots of great: health information

    If this site seems slow, remember it is in Geneva, Switzerland: CITES
    Appendices I, II, III list species with various levels of legal protection.

    A military macaw named Charlie: Charlie

    This parrot lives the life of Riley: Zachary

    Whether or not you ever intend to keep a cockatoo, You absolutely must read this: Cockatoos

    These are some of the best cages (although I find their web site very confusing). California Cages

    These people are in Tucson and make some of the nicest flights I have seen. (You could view them as giant cages.) Exotic Enclosures

    A great site: Avian Web

    From the above, articles on avian rescue: Rescue Organizations

    Forms for avian rescue: Rescue Forms

    Birds of a Feather Avicultural Society

    Psittacine Research Project, UC Davis

    A large site in the UK, check out their links: The parrot society

    Some beautiful amazons, and more: feather tree

    An online veterinary manual.

    You should visit the Santa Barbara Bird Farm. Phoebe Linden has been a prolific writer, and as you look at her site, you will find that the farm is shifting away from bird production to new things. They are among the most highly regarded breeders in the country, so this is worth watching!

    This site specializes in Quaker parrots, but has some great articles of general interest: Quaker Corner

    A club in New Jersey with some great articles: the virtual parrot

    A nice site, check the IAS articles: Funny farm exotics

    Just found this, looks interesting: Exotic pet vet

    Birds are for watching

    World Parrot Trust The Fenix ceramic bowls that many used in their cages are no longer available, here is a link to a possible replacement:

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