Blue and Gold Macaw: Blue

Avian Rescue

Avian rescue is, sad to say, a big topic these days. Parrots are complex and long living creatures. In some cases they simply outlive their original owners and need new homes. In other cases, they end up with people who do not understand the intricacies of dealing with parrots, and then often become problem birds, even more desperately needing new homes.

The whole business of rescuing birds is both wonderful and sad. It is wonderful that unwanted, perhaps mistreated and abused birds can find a new home. It is sad that the whole problem arises in the first place. Some people have even gone so far as to suggest that people stop breeding birds until homes can be found for all the birds in need.

If you are in the Tucson area, you will want to get to know (and get involved with) the Tucson Avian Rescue Association: TARA

Also in the Tucson area, Sybil Erden and The Oasis

In the Boston Area: Foster Parrots

Read the articles at: Avian Welfare Coalition

An amazingly good set of articles on avian rescue: Rescue Guidelines

More articles on avian rescue: MAARS

Yet more good articles on avian rescue: Avian rescue

Also: Parrot Education and Adoption Center

Be sure and visit: The Gabriel Foundation

Forms for avian rescue: Rescue Forms

The blue and gold Macaw in the photo is "Blue". Blue found himself at Chihuahuan Desert Wildlife Rescue after the owner who had kept him for 12 years passed away. (Look for his story and others in their animal casebook).

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