April 17, 2023


So, you are eager to get rich and your search led you here. Keep reading.

How to get rich

A suggested method to get out of debt is to look at your income after tithing and after taxes. Save 10 percent of that. Use 20 percent of that to get out of debt. Live on the remaining 70 percent.

You can't live on the remaining 70 percent? Change your lifestyle.

Another way

Be a football coach! Make 2.2 million per year (as a starting salary) as a coach! If that doesn't work out, you could settle for the UA presidents salary which is around 800 thousand per year.

You might think twice about all of that. Apparently the UA budget has come up 177 million dollars short somehow (as of early 2024). There could be adjustments to the above salaries. Maybe.

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