Here is a collection of manuals pertinent to the hardware actually in use with the MMT Hexapod.

First is a collection of large general manuals. The Turbo station software reference manual is 826 pages and is a detailed reference. The macro station software reference manual is only 104 pages. The PMAC users manual (338 pages) is not specific to our software, but has a lot of relevant background information. The PMAC/PMAC2 Software reference manual (546) is likewise relevant, but not specific to our hardware.

And now the hardware manuals. Our downstairs box has a Turbo CPU, a 54E to give the network link, a 5E to give the link to the macro along with a lot of parallel i/o and a pair of 24E2A cards to run the servo motors. The box up at the hub has a Macro CPU, along with a pair of 24E2S cards to read the encoders; and a pair of 28E cards to read the transducers/lvdts.