December 17, 2017

Tucson area hikes

Tucson is a great place for a person who likes to spend time outdoors and depending on his own two legs to get them around. My first hike in the Tucson area was in the fall of 1970. I was attending the University of Arizona, and decided I wanted to try out the "Ramblers" hiking club. The trip leader (the hike was up in the high country in the Catalinas) pointed out surrounding summits in the Santa Ritas, Rincons, and even the Huachucas -- and the seeds were sown. The rest is history. The Tucson branch of the Sierra Club has a nice online guide to Tucson Trails. It looks as if much of it was written by Andy Flach, and I find his "tips" section expecially good and heartily agree with all that he has to say.

He classifies hikes according to difficulty as follows:

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