October 3, 2019


My interest in geology began with a little golden book from the tooth fairy on rocks and minerals. This along with family camping trips got me interested in getting a degree in geology. Confronted with the choice between a geology degree and a degree in geological engineering, I chose .... geological engineering (more math and no language requirement, the choice was clear). In 1974 I received an B.S. in Geological Engineering from the department of Mining and Geological Engineering at the University of Arizona.

After a brief sojourn to the University of Chicago (the academics were superb, but I couldn't manage without mountains and wide open spaces nearby), I was back at the University of Arizona, this time pursuing an M.S. in Geology from the Department of Geosciences. My studies focused on Mineralogy, Ore Deposits, and Structural Geology. I finished this degree in 1979 and drifted off to work writing software for astronomers and big telescopes. Why you ask? The mines in arizona were closing up, geology jobs were few and far between (and mostly overseas) and my computer skills were readily marketable.

I still have an interest in minerals, (in particular the collecting of micromount minerals), so you may want to visit my mineralogy pages.

Here are some links:

Topics of interest

In general, I am not so much interested in topics as I am in understanding specific areas.

Colorado Plateau

I have a growing interest in the Colorado Plateau (Four Corners region), so here are some links that I found handy to brush up on the stratigraphy up there.

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