May 4, 2018

Pizza restaurants in Tucson

What I am looking for is good pizza. Period. I don't care what else the place serves, what the atmosphere is like, or any of that. I don't even care whether the place offers a place to sit down or if it is strictly take out (though I do try to note that).

My favorite sort of place is a one of a kind "mom and pop" style rathole of a place that serves up amazing pizza. So I don't review chains or franchise shops like Pizza Hut.

I use a 5 star system, but reserve the 5 stars for something that I have yet to encounter yet -- just to have something to reach for. So if I award 4 stars, that means it is among the very best. A single star means a place to avoid at all costs. We don't have any one star joints -- yet anyway.

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