July 30, 2023

Assembly Language

Recently, on Hackaday, there was a discussion about learning assembly language. I believe it is beneficial. In fact, I believe you don't really know computers at all until you understand them at the assembly language level.

So here is my "tutorial" on learning assembly language, for better or worse. As you will soon learn I am advocating ARM as a first assembly language, and the Pi PICO (RP2040) as the platform for learning it.

Blink the LED - an actual project

Beyond Assembly

It is hard to keep this from becoming a microcontroller tutorial instead of an assembly language tutorial. To some degree this is impossible and maybe it is a good thing if it drifts in that direction. At any rate, I am not going to make myself crazy trying to restrict it only to assembly language programming. What I will do is try to sort of sequester those sorts of topics into this area.
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