June 6, 2017

Android Development on Linux

It has been 5 years, and I can still type "adt" at the command line to launch the Android Developer Tools and work on my Android Map application. This is pretty amazing given that I have done many linux installs over those years.

Package exporting

I have my android key in /u1/tom/androidkey. Supposedly good for 99 years. I use the A8 password. The application is in /u1/joe/Android/atopo, and the adt knows how to find it automatically (along with the key). So to export atopo.apk you type "File" -- "Export" and this brings up a menu. Then you type "Android" -- "Export Application", browse and select atopo and then answer various questions, providing the password twice. It seems to put the final atopo.apk into /u1/joe.

Someday I should download a new version of the ADT perhaps, but that would involve a bunch of work installing the wonderful vim gadget and tweaking all the settings to get things just how I like them, so I will keep putting that off as long as possible.

Notes from back in 2012

My interest in android began when I became interested in some kind of tablet that would run my gtopo program.

This led to the purchase of a Motorola Xoom in December of 2011. Now that I have it, want to write an Android application for it. I intend to do the development on my Fedora Linux system, currently running Fedora 16 (x86_64).

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