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I own a 1999 Camry with a V6 engine.

Note that a 1999 Camry is a "Gen 4" (1997-2001 are Gen 4). Apparently Toyota has a tradition or practice of releasing new models every 5 years.

Camry's of this vintage were made both in Japan and in the USA. There are important differences and you may need to know when ordering parts. Rumor has it that if your VIN begins with "J" it was made in Japan. Mine begins with "JT2BF" For example I ordered a replacement side mirror and it came with some kind of circular snap in fixture on the back. This was for a USA vehicle, not a Japan made vehicle like mine.


My Camry has a V6 engine. This is called a 1MZ-FE and is a 3.0 liter engine. Happily this is a non-interference engine, meaning that if the timing belt breaks, catastrophic engine damage will not occur (the car just stops running).

This engine has a problem known as "oil gelling" or "engine sludge". They key is to do oil changes on the proper schedule.

The other engine you are likely to hear about is the 4 cylinder 5S-FE (2.2 liter).

Key fob

The battery seems to be a 2032 coin cell. There are some mysteries about the security system and the key fobs you need for them. As I remember there are different grey and black ones (that both look black). I guess mine are the "grey", but I am not entirely sure, but if you go to Ebay to order these you will have to sort this out properly.


You need a 21mm socket for the lug nuts. The torque spec is 76 ft-lbs. 32 psi is the recommended pressure, but running the tires at 35 will give a little better gas mileage.

Power Steering fluid

Mine leaks. I should find it. In the meanwhile, I fill (as the cap says) with Dexron ATF. Yes indeed, believe the cap. I have no idea what happens if you use what is sold as power steering fluid.
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