My Table Saw

On 1-10-2012 I responded to a Craigs List ad and bought my first table saw. It is a Delta Contractors Saw, model 34-441 (which as near as I can tell is the same thing as a 34-444, maybe this is a special number to allow it to be sold in a big box store). Mine came without a fence, a problem yet to be solved. Table saws are probably the most dangerous tools on the planet!
They say there is a table saw accident every 9 minutes!! 60,000 injuries per year in the US, and 3000 of those result in amputations. That works out to 8 lost digits every day!

Dado cutters (and more!)

Now that I have a table saw, I am pondering doing what I bought it to do, namely building a nice set of cabinets with small precise shallow drawers. And I have decided that I want to make the drawers (and maybe the cabinet too) with box joints. This leads to some research on the topic of:


Now here is a tool no woodworker should be without. And with a router table many things are possible (the router is working its way to being a shaper). A myriad of jigs have been designed and described. A router ski is a versatile accessory that can be (like many jigs) purchased or built.

Hand Planes

I own one at this time, read about it at:

Belt Sanders

I have been cautioned many times that it only takes a second to burn through veneer using a belt sander. Here are some notes on where to get sanding belts:
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