December 31, 2020

Segger J-link

I have one of these, or probably a clone of one of these. I thought it perhaps might be useful someday when I wanted to do something with a JTAG connector on some device. So it lies in the drawer waiting for the lucky day.

My device

I opened it up! Inside is a very simple PCB with an Atmel AT91SAM7S64 chip and a pair of ALVC16425 chips. The latter are 16 bit non-inverting level shifters than can switch from either 2.5 to/from 3.3 or 3.3 to/from 5 volts.

The AT91SAM7 is an ARM microcontroller. 32 bit with 64K of flash, 16K of ram, 55Mhz. It wants to run on 3.3 volts. It includes a full speed USB device (12 Mbit).



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