November 19, 2020

STM32 Microcontrollers - Mbed - Fedora Install

I am totally new to Mbed. The following is my play-by-play as I install it on my Fedora 32 system.

First, I make my /usr/local tree writeable by "me" (the tom user). (After first trying the pip install and finding out that it expects to be able to write into /usr/local/lib).

cd /usr
chown -R tom:tom local
Then I do this, which works and only seems to take a few seconds.
python3 -m pip install mbed-cli
They say if I want to update the cli, I should do:
python3 -m pip install -U mbed-cli
The Ubuntu package list is:
python3 python3-pip git mercurial
I already have all of these beside mercurial and I am going to skip that for now and see if I get into trouble later. Why would anyone use both mercurial and git? I get into trouble fairly quickly. They do use mercurial (the "hg" command) to publicize their demo examples and as soon as I try to follow some tutorials verbatim it is trying to run "hg clone", so:
dnf install mercurial

The ARM compiler

I have been doing ARM development for years and already have "arm-none-eabi-gcc" on my path

Does it work?

Typing "mbed-cli" does indeed start their CLI, so maybe it is just this simple.
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