ST Link Windows Software

September 26, 2016

The direct link yields the 24M zip file: which contains the usual EXE installer. I installed this on my Windows 10 machine, it also installed two drivers, and it "just worked" when I plugged in my STLINK connected to a STM32F103 board.

This is STLINK utility 3.9.0 as of 9-25-2016.
It warns me that the firmware in my STLINK device is out of date and offers to install new firmware for me, but I hold off on this. I will wait until I have spare devices in case this backfires (I'll order a couple of spares from China for $3.00).

It told me that it count not read memory and that I should disable readout protection and retry. This is done by going to "Target -- Option Bytes" (shortcut Control-B), changing readout protection (at the upper left) from enabled to disabled and clicking Apply. After this is displays flash contents (all 0xff after disabling readout protection).

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