the STM32F103C8T6 ARM STM32 Minimum System Development Board

September 17, 2016

First steps

I got brave and plugged it in via the USB connector. The power LED comes on green and the PC13 led is blinking red. I measure a nice 3.28 volts on the locations labelled 3.3. When I hold down the reset button, the blinking stops, but it resumes when I release it. No smoke.

The yellow jumper next to the reset button is BOOT1 and the jumper farther away is BOOT0.

My unit shipped with both jumpers in the zero postion, so it is running whatever is in flash.

When I move the BOOT0 jumper to the "1" setting and reset, the flashing stops (the PC13 led stays out). (This should be running the serial boot loader).

When I move both jumpers to the "1" setting, the PC13 light just stays out then as well (this would be the option to run from SRAM).

The device is not recognized by linux as any known USB device in any of the jumper configurations.

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