Binding DIN settings

Here is a loaded gun for you to shoot yourself with.

At various times and places on the net, DIN charts have appeared. And at fairly regular intervals in the newsgroup rec.skiing.alpine, people are asking: "How do I adjust my own bindings".

The best answer most definitely is, not to do this yourself, but to take your equipment to a shop with trained personnel and let them do it. I am not saying this because I am going to get kickbacks from whatever shop you go to, but most of all for the following reason: once the bindings have been set according to the charts, they need to be tested on special equipment to verify that they release according to specifications. If your shop cannot do this, you really want to find a shop that can. Bindings get old, parts wear, springs that establish release setting fatigue, parts can get wet and rust and bind up. You get the idea, enough said.

If for whatever reason, you need access to binding tables, here you go. If the table doesn't make sense read the instructions (if the table does make sense, read the instructions). If none of this makes sense, take your gear to a shop.

Marker DIN chart and instructions

another DIN chart

instructions for the above

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