Suunto Favor Dive Computer
My dive computer is a Suunto "Favor". It is a simple little golf ball sized rig, and in most situations turns on all by itself when immersed in water. It cost me about $228 back in August of 1999. It is a great little computer, the only limitation being that it does not support the use of nitrox, which has yet to be an issue in what I do.

I found a PDF copy of the user manual online (66 pages) and have stashed it here for future reference.

It can be activated out of the water by wetting your fingers and touching both "COM" and "PLAN ON", once activated you can roam through various modes by touching the three contacts ("COM", "PLAN ON" and "TIME MODE") in various ways.

The battery is a 3 volt lithium CR 1/2 AA unit. There is all kinds of confusion about what battery you can use for the replacement (being that lithium CR 1/2 AA batteries can be obtained in both 3.0 and 3.6 volt versions). The original battery is a 3.0 volt varta and you definitely will not go wrong replacing the battery with one of these. You also need to install a new O-ring when you replace the battery. What I did in 2012 was to find a replacement kit which includes the battery, O-ring, some silicone grease, and a bunch of other O-rings (so you could replace every O-ring in the unit should you want to). I bought this on Ebay for just under $20 including shipping - the kit includes the Varta battery. I saw a report from someone online who replaced the battery with a 3.6 volt version and said that the computer "seemed to be working fine", but I am uneasy about this and feel it is safest and wisest to do the replacement with the exact battery originally used.

To replace the battery, the game goes like this:

If you cannot get a depth reading of zero, contact Sea-Quest customer service at 619-438-1101