August 7, 2023

Raspberry Pi Pico - Other RP2040 boards

Is the Pico the only board with an RP2040 on it? By no means!

One comment up front. None of these even come close to matching the bang for the buck of the Pico for $4! Almost all offer something unique and different, but none knock me over.

Here is a rundown, surprisingly provided by Adafruit and including boards by the competition (maybe they are confident they offer better choices, and maybe they do).

A search on Amazon turns up all kinds of other choices.

In some cases these may just be "engineer-itis" where someone is designing a board just because they can. Is anyone beating the $4 price for the Pico?

Just for the record, the standard Pico comes with 16MB of flash. Many of the above have only 8MB. They almost all include a reset button which is unfortunately absent from the genuine Pico.

RP2040 Stamp

For $12 you get a little square board. Only 8 MB of flash, but you do get a reset button.
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