December 26, 2022

Orange Pi 5 (Rockchip 3588)

I just discovered this. I see one version on Amazon for $137.
I see what looks like the same thing on Aliexpress for $115.

Honestly, it looks like more than anything I want or need for the sort of things I do. With only 4G of ram the price drops to $68, making it quite affordable (the same price as the Pi 4). On the other hand, you can get the RK3399 Pi 4 board with 16G of eMMC, saving you from buying an SD card or an M.2 module

Also the Pi 5 (as well as the Pi 4 LTS) have a 26 pin rather than a 40 pin GPIO header.

No eMMC, but the M.2 slot on the bottom of the card could be as good or better. They say it supports "2242 NVME SSD".

Here is a 256G samsung SSD for $21:

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