February 8, 2022

Orange Pi 4 (Rockchip 3399) Reset button

Orange Pi boards in the past have been famous for not having a reset button. I think this is a glaring oversight. But they fixed this with the Orange Pi 4 board .... sort of.

There is a reset button, but there might as well not be one. It is located on the underside of the board. On top of that, it is mislabeled.

I have my board mounted to a board so the cables don't go dragging it off my desk while I am working with it. This makes the reset button on the board useless and inaccessible. But the button does make it obvious (sort of) and fairly easy to solder to.

I got two pieces of wire-wrap wire and a button of my own choosing. I soldered to both sides of SW2103 and I was in business.

However I first soldered to SW2107 as per the schematic. This is wrong. Either the silkscreen does not match the schematic or the word "Reset" on the schematic is in error. (See sheet 13 of 26).

Sheet 6 of the schematic shows SW2103 in the lower right as part of the OTP (over temperature protection) circuit. This button is also labeled "reset"!

So my guess is that the word "Reset" should be removed from SW2107 on the schematic, then everything else would be consistent and correct.

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