December 31, 2021

Orange Pi 4 (Rockchip 3399) other bare metal projects

It turns out that I have been working with various ARM based single board computers (SBC) since around 2016. As I move from one board to another, I typically use a previous project as a starting point, modifying it according to the specific hardware details of the current board.

As I began working with the Rockchip 3399 on the Orange Pi 4, I found myself unsure of which of my previous projects would provide the best starting point, hence this little review.

The Allwinner H5 project has not worked out well. It stalled with unsolved difficulties getting interrupts to work (probably related to power and clock initialization). Also with the H5 I had to spend an inordinate amount of time fiddling with U-Boot because the U-Boot that came with the various linux distributions was built without networking features. I also made the unfortunate decision to keep both my H3 and my H5 work in the same repository. This is something I ought to fix if and when I return to working on the H5 again.

It would seem that my first 64 bit ARM project was the Fire3, which had a number of complications. After having some success with the Fire3 I did some work with the Allwinner h5 on the "pc 2".

It looks like the best bet for a starting point for these Rockchip demos would be my most recent work on the EBAZ4025 (Xilinx XC7C010).

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