Alan's Guide to Retirement

Alan retired in August of 2009, and his parting gift to me was the following list:
Get an idea of about when to retire.

See how vacation and sick leave will end up:
    you can be paid for up to 176 hours of vacation (at full rate);
    you can be paid for sick leave over 500 hours (at a reduced rate).

Go to a UA Human Resources "Transitioning to a Successful Retirement" talk.  
    go to the UA web site:
    under "Faculty & Staff"
      click on "Employee Services"
    under "Career:"
      click on "Retirees & Retirement Planning"
    under "Planning for Retirement:"
      click on "Pre-Retirement Workshops"
      click on "Schedule/Registration"
    select a date for the Arizona State Retirement Plan (ASRS)
      and click on "Next"
    talk is about 2 hours

Attend an Arizona State Retirement System meeting "Getting Ready for Retirement"
    go to the ASRS web site:
    under "Member Education"
      click on "Getting Ready for Retirement"
      click on "Getting Ready for Retirement - Tucson area schedule, "
    pick a meeting date and time -- meeting is about 3 hours
    call (520) 239-3100 to sign up for the meeting

    when is last work date
    when is first retirement date (usually next day after last work date)
    choose a primary beneficiary
    what retirement payout plan to use
    what medical/dental/vision plans to use

~30 - 60 days before retirement

Write letter of resignation:
    state last day of work,
    and date of retirement.
    Turn in to supervisor, who should submit to business office (Susan).

Fill out 4 page form for ASRS - "Application for Retirement Benefit"
    turn in to ASRS, 7660 E. Broadway Blvd., Suite 108.

~30 days before retirement

These two can be done at the same time:

Fill out Section 1 of ASRS form "Ending Payroll Verification"
    turn in to UA Human Resources, ground floor in USB.

Fill out RASL forms
    "Retiree Section" of "Retiree Accumulated Sick Leave Program - Application
	and Certification Form" GAO-SL-50
    IRS Form W-4
    Arizona Form A-4
    RASL Deferral Notification Form     (I did not do this one, it is optional)
    RASL Checklist to Accompany Form GAO-SL-50
    turn in to UA Payroll/Financial Services, room 402 in USB.

~14 days before retirement

Fill out "State of Arizona Benefit Options Retiree/LTD Enrollment Form"
    This is for Medical, Dental, and/or Vision, available through the state.`
    Send the form to ADOA Benefit Office, Phoenix, address at end of form.
    I did not do this, I get my health insurance through my wife, who still works at UofA.

---==  Retire ==---

~1 week after retirement

You will get a letter from the ASRS congratulating you and announcing
that you will get an estimated retirement check.

~2 weeks after retirement

Free "Retiree" parking permit
    These are good for "Zone 1" lots and "South of 6th St." lots.
    Verify that you are officially known to be a "retiree"
      go to
      click on "Phonebook" in the top menu
      enter your name
      "type:" should be "retiree"
    Fill out "Parking Permit Application"
    Turn it in to the UA Parking Office on Sixth Street.  You can park
    in the Sixth Street parking structure.  Take the ticket with you, and
    the Parking Office will give you a credit slip to pay the parking fee.

Human Resources will send you a postcard with an Access Code on it
to use in an Exit Survey.
  Fill out the Exit Survey at

You will receive a copy of the "Ending Payroll Verification" form which
you turned in to Human Resources about 30 days before retirement.

in January and July after retirement

If your spouse has State medical or dental insurance, and includes you
as a dependent, you can get some money to help with the cost of that.
    This will be for the expenses of the previous 6 months.
    Fill out the ASRS form "Reimbursement of Medical and/or Dental Cost"
      Section 1:  check mark "Active Member" (this is who is currently
      Section 2:  check mark "Retired Member".
      Sections 3 and 4:  filled out by Active Member's Benefit office.
    Turn in to your spouse's Benefit office.

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