November 25, 2022

Programmable devices: Firing up the EMUP machine

This is an old cpu running FreeDOS. I rarely use it and I am short on room, so it always gets disconnected and shoved out of the way. Then some project arises that either requires me to use the EMUP prom burner, or PALASM -- and out it comes. The big trick then is remembering how to use it.

An analog VGA monitor, a PS/2 keyboard, power cable, network cable and I am ready to go. It is a Pentium III running at 600 Mhz with 256M of ram. More than enough for what I care to do. The network The network card is a Digital "tulip" card with the 2104x chip that supports 10/100. My linux machine does not seem to have an entry for it in /etc/hosts. I can do a ping to from the FreeDOS machine and that works just fine.

I use ftp from the FreeDOS machine to to get files in and out.

So, to pull in a jedec file to try to disassemble, I do:

cd palasm
-- give username and password
get sac.jed
I then tried PALASM on the FreeDOS machine to disassemble this jedec. It is for an AMD palce16v8h-25PC/4, but there are no entries in this version of PALASM for GAL devices! This version calls itself "PALASM 90 (copyright 1989) from AMD. Actually it does have entires for PAL16V8 and PAL22V10 -- but they still fail on this jedec file telling me:
"Incorrect number of fuses in the QF fiels (2194 instead of 0 expected)"

Have any comments? Questions? Drop me a line!

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