November 27, 2022

The Zynq EMUP project -- the plan

Sort of a checklist up front before getting started.

Gather all the pieces

Zynq board
power supply
cable for 25 pin connector
proto board
74LVP245 chips (level shifters)
ribbon from Zynq to transition board
It is not clear exactly what power supply requirements are as far as current. And the Zynq needs 12 volts with unknown current requirements (probably not drastic).

Set up

Screw things together
wire transition board

Zynq stuff

Configure Zynq for power supply
solder serial header
fire it up and test
configure for diskless boot
Then some things that break new ground:
Bitstream with bidirectional IO
ethernet driver
full port of Kyu
Kyu in flash memory in lieu of diskless boot
TCP in Kyu
And then:
experiments with IO to EMUP
Software to read and burn roms
reverse engineer GAL reading and burning
Given the need to develop software, it may be wise not to rush into sticking Kyu into flash memory. The EBAZ has 128M of nand flash (along with 256M of DDR ram). Right now the Kyu image with the experimental BSD TCP is 216K in size, so fitting it into flash is no issue whatsoever.

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