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This is really just my own set of links that I use to jump off and order stuff, but if you found your way here, welcome!
Take a look at these two links:

Many people swear by B and H photo in New York. I have dealt with them and found them to be just fine. They have been around forever (I remember their ads in photo magazines back when I was in High School) and have a reputation for square dealing:

The following are excellent "specialist" manufacturers of camera gear:

Midwest Photo Exchange is endorsed by the strobist as a source for the specific gear used for lightweight off-camera lighting that they advocate. However there are a lot of mixed reviews about their service:

Yongnuo makes aftermarket flash cords and remote controls and other stuff for Canon, Nikon, and others. They don't sell direct, try Deal extreme. A strobist trick is to use the Nikon cord (with a nikon flash) on a Canon G9 (maybe other Canons?). It does not think there is a flash on top, so does not limit the shutter speed, but still fires the flash!

Also check out the Rosco strobist gel collection. A nice set of 1.5 by 3.25 inch gels for $9.95, available at B and H and who knows where else. (The 580EX-II is 1.5 by 3 inches). These are a bit small (barely adequate) for the Canon 580EX flash unit.

Newegg has always been excellent for computer parts, and they also sell digital cameras and lenses (and have especially good shipping prices):

Don't overlook Amazon. They are fast and reliable, and have a lot of photographic stuff. Be aware that some of what they have listed will actually ship from Adorama and not be eligible for their free shipping.

Then there is Adorama (this name just oozes sleaze, but read on). I recently found myself accidentally doing business with them via a purchase through amazon, and they came through just fine. (And I doubt if Amazon would work with them if they were anything less than upstanding). Like B and H, they have had ads in the back of camera magazines since the dawn of time. If they don't have it, you probably won't find it anywhere. The word on the street is that they are OK, and after my first purchase I agree. I have seen a fair number of complaints from people buying used equipment from them though.

MPIX is recommended as a place to get high quality prints made from digital images.

And what about used gear? There is Ebay of course, but there are a couple of camera specific places online.

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