Mastering the Canon System

October 13, 2013

I have owned a number of Canon digital SLR cameras, and have always been frustrated (like everyone else on the planet) by their manuals. So I decided, more for my own good than anyone elses, to put together my own online notes about how to use these cameras.

The first tutorial ignores two important aspects of the camera, namely JPEG shooting and flash. JPEG shooting involves lots of settings that can be ignored if you are just shooting raw. You can learn about them in the second tutorial. Flash is a big topic of its own, and definitely deserves its own tutorial.

Also, if you are entirely new to photography, don't understand the concept of stops, ISO, white balance, these tutorials are not the place to start. When I finish them I may go back and write up a basic tutorial to help out the beginner, but I won't be starting at ground zero here.

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