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odisp -- display oven information




noven = 0
The oven number of the shared memory segment which should be attached.

ncomp = 0
The computer number of the shared memory segment which should be attached.

information = ttmp
The information to be displayed for the oven. This may be "ttmp" (time averaged thermocouple temperatures), "htmp" (derived heater temperatures), or "hpwr" (heater powers). "Hpwr" may not be selected if "mold" aspect is also selected.

aspect = base
The part of the oven about which to display the information. This may be "base", "lid", "wall", "alum", or "mold". "Mold" may not be selected if "hpwr" information is also selected.

date = INDEF
The date for the information specified. This is entered as a single number in the format "yymmdd": 2 digits for the year, 2 digits for the month, and 2 digits for the day of the month. If the default INDEF is specified, use today's information.

time = INDEF
The time of day for the information specified. This is entered as a single number in the format "hhmm": 2 digits for hours, 2 digits for minutes. If the default INDEF is specified, use the latest information for the given date.

display = yes
After forming the image from the data values, display the image or not. Display = no is useful for computing several images of different information without them being displayed.

frame = 1
Display frame to be loaded. This is passed on to task display.

auto = yes
If auto-scaling is selected (default), then chose the minimum and maximum display values to be the minimum and maximum data values which are used to form the image. If the display range is less than 5, make the range = 5 by adjusting the minimum and maximum display values. Only if auto = "no" will z1 and z2 be used, in which case the display range may be any amount.

z1, z2 = INDEF
If auto is no, then use z1 and z2 as the intensity values to be displayed as black and white respectively. An INDEF value will cause the appropriate minimum or maximum image data value to be used.

showtc = no
If showtc = yes, then the locations of the thermocouples are indicated in the displayed image by values which appear white.

interpolate = no
This affects information = hpwr and htmp only. If interpolate = no, then the heater information is shown as a constant value over the extent of the heater. If interpolate = yes, the heater information is interpolated to give a smooth display.

order = 0
This value is passed to task display. This is the order of the interpolator to be used for spatially interpolating the image when it is displayed. The current choices are 0 for pixel replication, and 1 for bilinear interpolation.

searchdir = ""
List of directories to search after the current directory to find the input data files. This may be a comma separated list, a template, and/or a list file.

datadir = "uparm$"
Use this directory to write out the image file which is then displayed by task display. If datadir = "", use the current directory. This allows different users to operate in the same directory, yet keep their work separate.

silent = yes
This silences the report of the minimum and maximum data values which are used to make the image, and the report by display of the minimum and maximum z-values.

debug = no
Enabling debug causes a variety of diagnostic information to be written to STDERR.


Information for some particular aspect of the oven is displayed in the image window. Lid, base, and mold information is (optionally) interpolated from the data points, and extrapolated to form the image. Wall information is (optionally) interpolated and made to be continuous at the ends of the wall. The wall display is theta versus z-distance. The image title identifies what is displayed, and shows the image name. The intermediate image can be written to a directory other than the current directory. X-y coordinate readout of the mouse position can be enabled by key F6. To hold the coordinate readout constant while selecting another window, press the middle mouse button while moving the mouse.


[1] Display the latest temperature information about the base. Allow the image to be auto-scaled. Use directory "home$oven2/" for image storage.

cl> odisp datadir=home$oven2/

[2] Display the interpolated heater powers in the wall at 1:30 p.m. on March 17, 1988.

cl> odisp info=hp asp=w time=1330 date=880317 interp+

Abbreviations may be used.

[3] Display the latest mold temperatures with a display range of 100 to 120 degrees C.

cl> odisp asp=m z1=100 z2=120 auto- searchdir=DATA*

Note that auto must be turned off for z1 and z2 to take effect. Look for the data file in the current directory, then in all DATA* directories.


The images displayed are 64 by 64 pixels for the lid, base, and mold. Approximately 4 seconds are required to interpolate all the pixels. For a 128 by 128 image, about 11 seconds are required, 256 by 256, 40 seconds. (Times for SUN3/160 with f68881.) The wall image is 128 by 32.


Sometimes the cursor must be moved to the image window to cause the image title and x-y coordinate readout to appear. The cursor readout shows x-y coordinates instead of polar coordinates. The x-y coordinates may be transformed using command xytran. If the thermocouple locations are displayed (using showtc = yes), then no temperature or power values can be shown at those thermocouple locations.


display, xytran