December 4, 2019

SOML control room software - command line options (linux version)

The IRAF hosted software provided various options as "cl" variables, in particular the values of noven and ncomp are the most commonly specified. This is now done in a different and more terse fashion. The following examples use the "oven" command, but this syntax applies to all of the commands.

By default noven = ncomp = 0 which is the most common case, so typing:

will launch the text based oven GUI in the way that is most commonly useful.

To specify a different computer (such as when setting up shared memory by hand), you use the -c1 option in lieu of "ncomp=1", i.e. you would type:

oven -c1
The software allows for a multitude of ovens, but we use only 0 and 1. Oven 1 is the meter-cubed. As a shorthand for using -o1 for this, the option "-M" can be used and is encouraged. It yields clearer output when using the "ps" command to look at running processes.
The oven GUI for the meter-cube could be started via:
oven -M

For the ovend command only, an option "-nol" is provided, which disables logging data to files.


oven -o3 (Talk to non-existant oven number 3)
oven -c1 (Talk to computer 1 on the main oven)
oven -M  (Talk to the meter-cube -- identical to -o1)
ovend -nol (tell ovend not to log data to files).