December 10, 2019

SOML control room software - some network notes (linux version)

As we transition to using linux machine(s) in the control room to replace the suns, some care needs to be taken about networking issues.

For most things, the IP number and hostname of the linux clients that communicate with the VxWorks machines on board the oven does not matter. However, in rare cases the oven machines may try to contact what it thinks are crater and/or dorado. For this reason, when we fully commit ourselves to using linux machines to replace crater and dorado, they need to respond at the same IP numbers that were long ago assigned to these machines.

The reason for this is that VxWorks, at least in the oven VME machines, does not support DNS. VxWorks uses a static table of host addresses. Other than the boot host, those are given by the following table, which is compiled into each on board machine:

hostAdd ("oven0v0", "");
hostAdd ("oven0v1", "");
hostAdd ("oven0v2", "");
hostAdd ("oven1v0", "");
hostAdd ("crater", "");
hostAdd ("dorado", "");
hostAdd ("astro", "");


Do the onboard machines need to access their "boot host" in order to boot? They boot from ROM, so they don't need the network to boot (and this is a design requirement of the oven).

Network access

The onboard machines support rlogin and telnet, but not ssh. They support user pilot only (unless other users are added to the startup.cmd file.