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trouble --- description of common problems with the oven screen


This help file describes some of the most frequently encountered problems with the oven window system. The recommended solutions are also given. If any of these problems reoccur frequently, you may be doing something wrong. The old name of this file was "problems".

window gone
If a window dies completely, move the mouse to the blue background area and press the right mouse button to get the "rootmenu" called MENUS. Slide over to select the USER menu and then the OVEN menu, then select the window type that you wish to recreate and release the button. Note that this does not "reset" a window; it creates a new one. Be sure that the old window is not still around; otherwise you could wind up with two copies of the same window, which is bad news. Remember the old window could be hidden or closed (iconized) somewhere. The mailtool, perfmeter and clock are not oven specific, so you get them from the SYSTEM - PROGRAMS menu.

The most frequent window to die is ximtool, which cannot deal with talking to two tasks at once. You therefore should be careful not to run odisp while a ovenc is running.

To intentionally quit a window, move the mouse to the top border of the window and hold down the right mouse button. Select QUIT.

syntax errors
If you start getting lots of syntax errors from an IRAF window, try giving the cl command flpr. flpr may be the most useful IRAF task you ever learn. If flpr doesn't work, recheck the task parameters. Otherwise, log out of IRAF, then restart the window as above.

frozen xgterm windows
If a xgterm window "freezes up", it could be because you hit 256 characters without hitting a carriage return. This usually occurs when you accidentally lean on the keyboard. The window will just beep at you when you try to enter more characters. fixes this problem.

green boxes on your ximtool
After accidentally creating a little green marker box with the mouse in ximtool, you can blow it (the box) away by simply moving the mouse pointer to within the marker box and pressing the DEL key on the keyboard.

mouse button initialization for imcur
Unlike in the "good ol' days", mouse buttons are not easily initialized for ximtool v0.5 under Solaris and X11 IRAF. This means that if you attempt to access imcur from the oven program to find an oven location, you cannot use the left mouse button to return. Hit "t", "l", "w", "b" or "a" to return from the ximtool imcur mode.

help for ximtool and xgterm
There is not really much user documention for the IRAF xgterm and ximtool windows. What there is can be found on the web at: in the files and


These are the bugs, but not all of them. Good luck in finding your own.