Draft Procedure for Oven Rotation Under Computer Control 12SEP87

Clear Inside Pedestal Area.

Close and Lock Lower Door.

Clear Hearth Level Platform and Install All Railing Sections. Has the Lid Support Pillar Been Removed?

Close and Lock Upper Gate.

Insert Gate Key in Control Room Interlock Switch and CLOSE Interlock.

Make Sure All Personnel Are Clear of Oven Except Operator.

Insert Keys in Control Panel Interlock Switches. Leave Them OPEN.

Make Sure Rotation Control Panel Power Switch Is OFF.

Turn Main Oven (Casting) Power ON with Wall Breakers.

Both Red Main Power Indicators on Control Panel should be LIT. These are labelled POWER #1 and POWER #2. If not, Check that motor controllers are plugged in to a live source.

Set Manual Speed Dial to Zero (0), counterclockwise.

Set Thumbwheel Switches to Ultimate Casting Speed for Backup.

Set CONTROL Switch to MANual (very important).


Select Motor with DRIVE Switch, #1 or #2 or BOTH.

Turn Rotation Control Panel Power Switch ON. Warning Strobes Should Begin Flashing. Control Power Indicator Should Light.

The C Computer should be running.

A schedule, preferably starting from zero, should be running in the rotation zone. The desired speed will be displayed on the LED readouts by the R Computer. You may also request this value by RBROTV.

Allow 60 seconds for Digital Controllers to Reset and for R-computer to load in the computer set speed.

Set CONTROL Switch to #1 or #2 to select a digital controller.

Ring Warning Bell by pressing one of the JOG buttons.

You are now ready to move the oven.

Turn Keys in Both Interlock Switches to CLOSED. Interlock Indicator Should Light.

Use JOG FORWARD button to rotate the oven a full revolution at slow speed.

Verify Computer Selected Speed on Both LED Displays. Display is X.YYY RPM.

Press FORWARD (or REVERSE) Button to Arm Rotation. Horn will sound. Hold Button Down. Green Motor Power Indicator Lights will come on. Oven will begin to Rotate. If selected speed is zero (0.000), No Further Warning Will Be Given. Computer has Control of Rotation Speed.

To STOP Oven: Press Red STOP Button. or OPEN Any Interlock Switch. or Turn off Main Oven Power Breakers.