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menus --- description of configuration and status menus


The various menus are grouped in a tree structure. The arrow keys are used to move around inside and between menus. The down arrow is used to move to the next item in the menu, and the up arrow to the previous item. The left arrow key is known as the GOTO key. This is used slightly differently in different contexts. It may be used to go to a sub-menu, or it may be used to "execute" a function specified by the menu item (as in the Database Menu), or it may be used to go to a related menu to the current menu as specified by the particular menu item. Example: When in the thermocouple menu, if the cursor at the menu item indicating the TIC status, one may jump "sideways" (from one branch of the menu tree structure to another at the equivalent depth) by merely pressing the GOTO key. The right arrow key is the GOBACK function. It returns you to the previous menu context.

Data is entered using the E and RETURN keys. If the data associated with the menu item has only two values (ON/OFF, Enabled/Disabled, Run/Stop), The value will toggle each time the E key is pressed. Otherwise, a value must be entered by first pressing E, then typing in the value, and finally pressing return.

In the lower left corner of the menu screen, several "flags" may appear. The letter "E" will appear if there are any normal (non-priority) error messages pending that have not yet been acknowledged. The character "!" will appear if there are any pending unacknowledged priority errors. The letter "A" indicates that the screen is in autoupdate mode.

In the bottommost line on the screen, menu error messages (as oppposed to oven error messages) will appear, explaining more fully the error you made in using the menu system. If you make a self-explanatory error, the menu system will just beep at you.


The oven program has four top level menu options. Exit quits the program. Configuration and Status shows the oven data and parameters through various submenus. Error Log pages through the "errors.log" file. Database peforms various oven database operations.

Oven Menu

Oven Main Menu
Configuration and Status
Error Log


?               Help for cursor mode
j, CR           Cursor down one line
d               Scroll down half page
f, SP           Scroll down full page
g               Scroll down to end of page
k               Cursor up   one line
u               Scroll up   half page
b               Scroll up   full page
.               Scroll up   to top of page
n               Go     to related  menu
!               Go directly to error menu
p               Return to previous menu
l               Repaint page
q               Refresh page
a               Auto-refresh page
e               Enter new data
i               Enter new data from image cursor
m               Enter new data and go to related menu
o               Enter new data from image cursor and go to
P               Enable parameter edit and cache
K               Enable clock parameter edit and cache
W               Flush parameter cache