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generator --- backup generator start procedure


This is the procedure for starting the Aggreko diesel generators to provide backup power to the oven. This version was originally written by P. Esterline and J. Hill in 1992; revised 13AUG93.

The generators should be started anytime there is a power failure or a serious threat of a power failure. At least one of them will be running continuously while the oven is rotating at high temperature.


A) Remove Load
Check the breakers inside the lab to be sure the load of the oven has been disconnected from the generator circuits with the breakers on GSB0 and GSB1. (See "8 Meter Furnace Power Manual")

B) Battery Power
Turn the generator battery on with the red switch on the floor on the right side of the engine. (If we have a battery charger, it should always be on during casting.) The lights in the enclosure should come on if the switch at the door is on (but it has a delay timer).

C) Fluid Check
Check the fuel (sight tube on right side of the engine), water (sight tube outside the enclosure) and oil levels (dipstick on left side of engine). Make sure the fuel valve is on (yellow handle on floor on left side of engine).

D) Start
Turn the startup switch (off/run/start) from off to run to start. (It works just like your car.) Check for alarm indicators on the panel.

E) Warm-up
Run the generator for 10 to 15 minutes before applying load. Lower the oven power panel load limits as required. In an emergency, the time it takes for you to switch the inside breakers will be long enough.

F) Frequency
The frequency meters should read 56 - 57 Hz at start-up and should be increased to 60 Hz after running a few minutes.

G) Connect
Press the red breaker button to close the circuit breaker to put the generator on line (as long as everything is ready inside the lab).


Circuit Breaker
Some of these generators have a manual circuit breaker and some have an automatic breaker. The breaker is in the silver control box behind the alarm panel.

Emergency Shut-off
The emergency shut-off switch is the red push button on the outside of the enclosure near the generator door.

Each generator has a 600 gallon tank with two fill ports. Fuel consumption is about 32 gallons/hour at full load. Watch fuel levels; If it runs out of fuel, a service call is required.

If service is needed, call Loftin Equipment Co. in Phoenix at (602) 272-9466 (24 hours).


V) Remove Load
Remove the load with the breakers inside the lab.

W) Open Breaker
Open the generator breaker by pressing the green button.

X) Frequency
Lower the speed so the frequency is about 57 Hz.

Y) Turn Off
Turn the off/run/start switch to off.

Z) Battery
Turn off the red battery switch to reduce the risk of running the battery down.


The south generator (August 1993) has no water level sight tube on the radiator. The south generator does not have lights on the red and green circuit breaker buttons.




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