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config_mode --- oven configuration mode


The heaters in the oven are plugged into twistlock connectors on the I-beams below the oven. This allows the top portions of the oven to be disconnected and removed. It also allows a heater to be transferred from one control circuit to another.

Config mode is a special part of the on-board software that verifies that each heater is plugged into its proper twistlock connector after the oven has been reassembled. This is accomplished by briefly energizing each heater and comparing the results of the remote current sensors which are wired independently of the twistlocks.

To use 'config' mode run the oven task and go to the 'Miscellaneous' menu under the 'Configuration and Status' menu. The following procedure assumes the v-computers and all the daemons are already running.


	Turn on Power Panel micros.
	Enable power panel sensor status.
	Enable all voltage sensors.
	Enable all local and remote current sensors.
	Be sure clocks are set so oven is not calling for heat.
	Turn on heavy power to power panels.
	Turn on heater cicuit breakers.
	Verify that no heaters are coming on.
	Enable config mode.
	Watch the blinking lights.

The v-computers will sequentially turn on heaters for ~1/4 second each and read back the sensors. Any discrepancies will appear as errors in the red window. No errors will appear if everything is wired correctly. The heater turn-on sequence starts with 000 and goes through heater 23 in panel 0, then does heaters 0 - 23 in each of the following panels. Then heaters 24-29 are done for each panel. The sequence continues until config mode is disabled, resulting in a 6kW power input to the oven.

Procedure to stop config mode

	Disable config mode.
	Turn off heavy power to power panels.
	Turn off other things as necessary.


 Feb 10 16:44:10 0v0#000001@028 06 Heater element failed on !!
 Feb 10 16:44:10 0v0#000001@029 06 Heater element failed on !!
 Feb 10 16:44:10 0v0#000001@000 07 Heater element failed off  
 Feb 10 16:44:10 0v0#000001@001 07 Heater element failed off  
 Feb 10 16:44:10 0v0#000001@002 07 Heater element failed off  
 Feb 10 16:44:10 0v0#000001@003 07 Heater element failed off  
 Feb 10 16:44:10 0v0#000001@004 07 Heater element failed off  


Config mode interupts temperature control of the oven so it should only be initiated when the oven is near ambient, or when a brief interuption of power can be tolerated.

Config mode is completely dependent on the remote current senors being wired correctly.


The oven currently has some hardware problems that make it difficult for the remote current sensors to sense anneal heaters in the base.