November 27, 2016

Orange PI - overview of the various boards

There are a bewildering array of models.

I have two of the "PC" ($15 with 1G and 10/100 network). The "PC plus" adds 8G of eMMMC and wireless (but drops ram to 512M for $20). The "Plus 2e" gives you 16G of eMMC and 2G of ram, gigabit ethernet and wifi, for $35. All of these use the H3 chip.

The "PC 2" is bleeding edge, using the H5 chip.

I am pleased by the devices with onboard eMMC since they can ultimately be used without an SD card. All of these have shipping charges in the $3 to $4 range and may require a microSD card (another $6 or so).

Allwinner SoC chip info

H2 based devices

The Zero is $6.99 and uses the Allwinner H2 chip (32 bit Cortex-A7).

The Zero with 512M is $8.99 (spend the extra $2).

H3 based devices

There are several models based on the H3 SoC:

I bought a pair of the Pi PC to get started. One also has to buy some 8G microSD cards which cost about $5 each, bringing the true cost up to $20. When you consider this, the Pi PC Plus looks quite attractive.

H5 based devices

The Pi PC 2 is $20 and uses the Allwinner H5 chip (64 bit Cortex A53). The word is that the H5 is very similar to the A64, for which data sheets are available. I bought one of these in 11-2016.

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