February 2, 2017

Orange Pi One

This is the little brother to the Orange Pi PC. It has half the RAM (i.e. 512M rather than 1G), other than that it is effectively the same. You save $5 (It costs $10 rather than $15).

I don't own one of these, and perhaps never will (I would rather spend $20 and get the PC Plus with onboard eMMC and 1G of ram).

Building U-boot

For those who don't want to endure the pain and suffering of patching and building, I provide:

Looking at the U-boot config files, I find that the "PC" has some kind of i2c bus power control chip and this option is set for the "PC" and not for the "One".

To build U-boot (I use the v2016.11 sources with Armbian patches), I do:
cd u-boot
export CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnu-
make distclean
make orangepi_one_defconfig
make all
The result that I really want is the file:
cp u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin ~/u-boot-orangepi-one-with-spl.bin

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