RRUF group mineral software

This is my personal hoard of software from the University of Arizona RRUF project.

If at all possible, you should use the above provided link to get your copies from the authoritative source.
However, as their links may move around and odd things can happen, I have copies stashed on my machine:

Crystal Sleuth is useful for fiddling with Raman spectra. It also handles powder diffraction data, though I don't use that.
My stash should be the March 11, 2008 version.

If you get Crystal Sleuth, you will appreciate the CrystalSleuth Raman Quick Start Guide (11 pages, PDF format).

XtalDraw (xtaldist) lets you look at a crystal structure. It can read files from the American Mineralogist Crystal Structure Database, as well as files in its own format. It does require an OpenGL capable graphics cards (or library), but this should not be an issue on any modern system. (It hasn't been for me).
My stash should be the January 23, 2004 version.

XPow generates theoretical powder diffraction patterns given a crystal structure.

Xpow and XtalDraw require symmetry.dll, or so they say. When I installed XtalDraw, it just dropped right into my Windows XP machine and ran without any fuss or extra effort.

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