January 26, 2017

Rails and my micromount database

This is my cheatsheet about what needs to be done to get rails installed after doing a major Fedora upgrade:
cd /u1/rails/micromounts
rails server
This should just work and start a Webrick based server on localhost:3000. But rails is not installed by default on a fresh Fedora system, so you will probably just get "rails: command not found". Do this:
dnf install rubygem-rails
dnf install ruby-devel
dnf install sqlite-devel
dnf install nodejs
cd /u1/rails/micromounts
bundle install

rails server
The above worked just fine on Fedora 24. Happily the gemfile keeps track of the version numbers of various Gems that my rails project was developed with and installs those now old versions as needed.
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