March 23, 2020


Are you here wondering what micromounts are and what micromounting is all about?
Pay a visit to: Some topics:

My micromount collection database

This won't be of any use to anyone but me -- at this point in time my database runs on a computer that does not make it available to the internet (although it is web based, built using ruby on rails).

Before I can access it, I must start the server using these commands:

cd /u1/rails/micromounts
rails server
Then I can go to this link.

When I print a sheet of labels, it ends up in /u1/rails/micromounts/app/assets/images/ This is less than convenient, but it works for now.

My micromount database system is based on ruby on rails. Here are some notes on how to get this up and running after a reinstall of fedora linux.

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