The Wild M11

The M11 is much higher in quality than any new microscope in its price range, and if not abused will last several lifetimes.

October 5, 2013

Currently my favorite biological microscope is a Wild M11. This is a very nice student/field microscope that I picked up at a give-away price (just under $40). It is attractive, precise, clean and elegant -- and performs well. Tube length is 160mm.

My M11 came with 4x/0.10, 10x/0.25, and 40x/0.65 objectives (and a missing spot on the turret). It also has the inclined binocular top end, and an "adapter" with marking 1.5x. With the 10x eyepieces this yields 60x, 150x, and 600x.

My eyepieces are simply labelled 10x, and I suppose they are the 10x/14 Huygens listed in the catalog.

The 40x objective is marked 40/0.65 d=0.17

My condensor is marked on the top "Apl. nA=1.30". It has an adjustable iris and a swing out filter holder underneath. Lookin at the M11 catalog, I believe this is the Aplanatic 0.65/1.30 condensor with screw on front lens (indeed the top lens can be unscrewed).

The Wild M20 is the big brother to the M11, something to keep an eye out for. One is being offered right now (October, 2013) on Ebay for $300 (buy it now), but I need to start making regular use of my M11 before I can justify an "upgrade".

You never go wrong with first class optics.

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