October 4, 2013

Microscopy is a large and interesting subject.

I have been using stereo microscopes for a long time, and for fun picked up several biological microscopes recently at a university auction.

My favorite from the bunch is a Wild M11 student/field microscope.

At the same sale I also picked up a couple of Leitz SM scopes, as well as an American Optical "Sixty" model scope.

Using a microscope

You would think there is not all that much to this, but ... Note that "Micrographia" is a fairly famous book (from 1665) by Robert Hooke. It looks like it is available free as a Kindle edition.

Microscope illuminators

The worst thing of all is a mirror that you tilt to try to reflect light up through whatever you are looking at. Thankfully none of my microscopes offer this arrangement. They do have incandescent light sources, most of which are either broken or have the bulbs burned out. Using an LED is a better option for many reasons.

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