December 27, 2018

Mountain Bike Pedals

Pedals are said to be the most personal aspect of a mountain bike. In fact I am told that really high end bikes are rarely sold with pedals, since the purchaser will inevitably just remove whatever is supplied and put their favorite pedals on instead.

There are two schools of thought. Apparently the really serious mountain bikers all use clip pedals. This sounds like suicide to me, but I have been told that in a fall "your feet just come out".

Be that as it may, I opt for "flats". These can be nicer than the simple cages with teeth that many bikes are sold with. I just purchased some "Forte" brand flats ("Convert Platform Pedals") at a recent Performance Bike "going out of business" sale. These are 470 grams per pair, made from CNC machined aluminum with steel traction pins (set screws) that bite into the bottom of shoes.

A very well considered option are RaceFace Chester pedals. These weigh 340 grams per pair, and have the same traction pins. They are made of FRN (fiber reinforced nylon) and are said to be virtually indestructible. The go for $40 per pair, and the word is that you should not judge them by their price (or by the "plastic" material). You get to choose from several colors.

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