November 19, 2018

My Mountain Bike - Marin Rock Springs 2

This is a bike made as an "exclusive" for Performance Bikes. It is identical to the Marin Bobcat 5 2018 according to many sources, and will confirm that based on the equipment list. The Bobcat lists for $980 at full retail. The Rock Springs 2 normally sells for $800, but I bought mine when they were running a 30 percent off sale, so I paid $600.

This is a hard tail bike. It has a Rockshox Recon Silver coil spring fork. One piece of advice I picked up when shopping and trying to learn about what to look for in a bike is to avoid anything with a Suntour Fork (like the XCT). Apparently this is sort of an indicator of truly low end bike that ought to be avoided.

A reasonable first upgrade on this bike would be an air fork. I am told that the Rock Springs uses a straight rather than tapered head tube, so I would need to research and understand this before shopping for a fork. The above is a straight 1-1/8 inch fork and might work on this bike. People spend as much (or more) for a fork as I did on the entire bike.

Some other candidates were:

Gear List

The Bobcat from Marin does offer a 22 inch frame, but I am quite happy with the 20, and am 6'1"

So, I have a single 32 tooth gear in front and 10 gears in back, ranging from 11 to 42 teeth. I really enjoy not having a front shifter!

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